Funky Chicken Slots

Looking for a colorful and generous experience for today? There is the most amazing opportunity in here which is brought to you by the great creator of WGS! You will have the chance to try some of the greatest opportunities of this 3D video slot game which is unique with its incredible design and payouts. The characters of the game are joyful and positive while featuring amazing colors and incredible amount of fun. In addition you will have the great bonus features of this game which come on top of the most useful other gaming features which are there to get you the smoothest and most convenient game play. The quality of the game is super nice to enjoy and the flexible betting opportunities will make this slot game convenient and perfect for any type of player. So in case you have been looking for something as nice and sweet join in and give it a try now!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the game has been made for your fun and colorful experience while all the amazing opportunities feature once you start landing the wonderful crazy combinations of the game. You will have loads of chickens around you to get you the hottest opportunities of the game in addition to all the other fun and sweet characters of the game. This is a world of fun and adventure which is looking forward to welcome adventurous players like you to join. Here you will get all the wonderful opportunities which come to you as you enjoy the wonderful and popular gaming theme with all the great characters. In addition the game has been created with loads of attention to detail and endless opportunities.


Funky Chicken slot game is perfect hub of opportunities which comes with amazing 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Here you will have all the great features to make your gaming experience as fun and as smooth as possible. You will have amazing opportunities here for you which start coming to your way as you use the most amazing Spin button. You are welcome to choose to bet from just one to all the way to the maximum possible 100 coins. Here you will get all the wonderful opportunities of the game as you decide to play on your maximum amount while using all the 20 lines of the game. The useful buttons like Bet Max and auto spin will make your life even easier. You will especially love the auto spin mode of the game which is the wonderful opportunity to save time and efforts for you as you will get to choose the number of spins you wish to have, make the simple adjustments and give it a go from there.


As the game comes with the wild and scattered you will have some of the best opportunities in her. First of all you will love the amazing wild symbols which will help you to get the winning combinations of the game even easier. Then you will have the wonderful scattered symbols which is the one to look forward to as you will aim to hit the wonderful multipliers and amazing free games. Here we are talking about the amazing up to 12 free games which come with unbelievable 10x multiplier. In case you wish to have smaller bets for the beginning you will still have great chances to end up with some great wins from this game. At the same time the hottest amounts are just too good to miss so the great tip here for you is to keep your bets at the maximum amounts till you hit all the sweet opportunities of the game. You will love it. So enjoy!