Instant Play

Do you enjoy online gambling, but have you become sick and tired of always having to download and run a program to play your casino games? Insta Play from Liberty Slots allows you the freedom of playing at the casino directly on the website, without having to undergo a download process—unless, that is if you want to! The choice, for once, is finally up to you.

Download or No Download?

As you may already be aware, many online casinos require you to download their software to play their games. Now, at the Liberty Slots online casino, this is still an option, but thankfully, it is not your only choice. With Liberty Slots Casino Insta Play, all you need is Flash installed on your computer, which you probably already have, and a user for the Liberty Casino online gaming community. You can run Liberty Slots Casino Insta Play quickly and easily within your browser, using Flash. If you need to install the program, please click here. Once the program completes a safe download, you are set to go. Seems incredibly simple, right? That’s the beauty of it!

What is Insta Play?

So, what exactly is this Liberty Slots gambling option called Insta Play, and what can it do? Insta play is the website version of the casino program. It can be played directly on the site simply using your Internet browser, and without any casino program download. Many online casino gamers hate the fact that they have to download software to play and bet in online casinos. There are two reasons for this: 1. Downloads can bring with them tag-a-long viruses. 2. Having to run a program in the background can decrease your computer’s memory speed. Both of these problems can be a real drag for anybody wanting to gamble online. However, if you do wish to download the software, Liberty Slots offers a downloadable software version of their gaming platform. This option, of course, allows you to be off the website when playing your games. Those who have a desktop or laptop can, therefore, download the casino and play without logging in o the browser version. The nice thing about Insta Play and the downloadable program on Liberty Slots is that you get to choose which route you take—the casino doesn’t pick it for you. So do whatever you are most comfortable with, and enjoy your online gambling experience.

4 Advantages of Insta Play

1. Insta play can make your desktop run faster while you are playing at the casino. Since you are not required to run software in the background, which can eat up your memory, your CPU speed should feel excellent while using Insta Play. 2. Another bonus is that there is no risk of a virus when you use Insta play since you are not required to download a program from the casino website. 3. Insta Play provides players with the additional feature of allowing for online research about the casino games before you buy into them. 4. The website version is also perfect for mobile users (smartphones, tablets) because there is no app available, and you can play directly on your device.

2 Disadvantages of Insta Play

1. In short, you need to be directly on the website to use Insta play. If you do not wish to go into the website for some reason, or are, for instance, playing on a device that makes accessing the website difficult, going to the online casino may be a less than a useful option. If that is the case, there is a downloadable software option available for your gaming use. 2. Less gaming options as heavy 3D games are not available on the flash version. These games tend to be the most fun as they include more elaborate bonus games.

2 Advantages of Downloading the Platform

1. There is one major benefit to downloading the software from Liberty Slots: you will obtain access to all of the games and offers the online casino made available to its players. 2. The second benefit is that you will have better access to games with more impressive graphics, which are probably going to be more enjoyable for gamblers. So, if you are the type of person who is all about graphics, or you absolutely must know all of the games and online casino offers, it is probably better for you to download the software.

1 Disadvantages of Downloading the Platform

1. If you have a computer or other device whose memory can be slow, downloading the platform may cause you a bit of a disadvantage. You will be required to run the software in the background, thus dragging down the device’s performance. This point is where playing directly on the website using Insta play may benefit your gambling needs.

New Slots

Another Great thing about playing at Liberty is that you will also get to benefit by all the great and inspiring slot games that become available constantly. There are many new slots which are updated all the time while completely new ones become listed at your favorite casino. You will have the chance to explore new and innovative solutions in here while staying updated on the recent innovative solutions in the slot machines world. Great creators release great amount of fresh games which come with wonderful win opportunities and many interesting themes and features.


One more amazing opportunity here for you! You also choose to join some of the best tournaments in here which are becoming available all the time. Dozens of great samples of social online gaming are being listed all time on the casino and you will get to get a nice and generous pick as you go ahead and explore the page of tournaments. This gaming type is always popular and some of the best opportunities are available in here.


The casino cares about convenience and comfortable gameplay of the passionate players while always being innovative and creative. All the cryptocurrency lovers will be happy to know that Bitcoin is officially welcome to be used as a deposit method in here. All the convenient and flexible methods are put together in here to get you a smooth and great gameplay with no stress or complications. Joining and enjoying your favorite games always remains very easy and super simple.


One of the great parts of your next favorite casino is the endless bonuses and great opportunities as you join and enjoy your favorite games in here. Starting from the first moment when you join the casino great bonuses will start flowing to you. You will have some nice and fun welcoming bonuses to make great use of and as you play on the amount and the value of the advantages and extra opportunities keep growing. You will enjoy becoming a loyal member of the casino as Liberty can be very generous and a wonderfully convenient way to spend your gaming time in.

Rewards Club

The Rewards Club of the casino is one of the most exciting ones out there. There are some of the most exciting 6 levels available for you as you join and upgrade your status you will get to enjoy the advantages and opportunities of each of them as you play on. As you join you will be awarded with a nice and sweet welcoming bonus and will be an Amber player who gets to enjoy some nice and sweet advantages. Then as you start earning comp points you will start upgrading your status as a loyal player. Once you hit 10,000 comp points you will officially become a Bronze player while 50,000 comp points will get you the status of a Silver player. Then you have some great opportunities of Golden player to enjoy as you hit 100,000 comp points. The last two of Platinum player and a Diamond player are the most generous ones and will become available to you once you earn accordingly 500.000 and 1.000.000 comp points. There will always be great and sweet opportunities for you as you play on so be ready for some nice surprises! Whether or not you decide to use Liberty Slot’s Instant Play, or download their software platform, the key issue here is that gamblers now have a choice. So do what is best for you and your computer or device, and enjoy your gambling experience.