Northern Lights Slots

What about taking a nice and fun trip to North Pole? This wonderful experience by WGS is all about the nice and clod places where you will find some of the nicest and most generous opportunities out there. The theme of the game features also the wonderful quality symbols which are there to get you all the excitement of the new and cold worlds. You will be invited to take an interesting journey where you will get to admire all the beautiful surroundings and amazing payouts which feature each and every winning combination. In addition the game comes with amazing multipliers and three different jackpots which are always easy to trigger and hit as you play on. You will not need to concentrate on developing special strategies or gaming styles in order to be able to hit all the hottest opportunities of the game. All you will need to ever do is just to choose the amount you wish to bet and give it a simple and fun go from there on. Game play is simple and chilled while the theme is just too interesting to let the wonderful character go just like that. Enjoy!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the game is all about the cold but beautiful lands of the world where there are the most unique lights, and amazing creatures which are all wonderfully nice and rewarding once you get to meet them during your nice and chilled gaming experience. The great characters and symbols of the game include all of the amazing items which will remind you of the wonderful world of beautiful places. In addition, the best part here remains that all the design and wonderful opportunities here are created with top quality and loads of efforts. In addition you will enjoy the perfect sound effect which will make you feel you are the adventurous explorer who is out there looking for wonderful treasures and opportunities. Above all you will be treated real nicely as you get to meet all of your special and super rewarding symbols of the game. The spirit is perfect while opportunities here are endless.


This wonderful 5 reeled and 25 pay lines experience can become one of your favorite ones out there as it has all the wonderful components for an interesting and exciting game play. You will have great betting opportunities here as well. Go for the minimum amount of just $0.01 in case you want to start slowly and keep is calm and low, or go ahead and bet at your maximum amount of $250! In this case you will have the best opportunities in this slot game as you will be betting for the great payouts which are there waiting for you. In addition you can always be sure that the entire game play process will remain nice and simple as the creators love to take good care of your enjoyable time passing. The game also features the great and useful Auto play mode- so everything here is very convenient. As you join the game all you will need to do is just to place your very first bet and give the reels a nice and promising spin. All the rewards will start flowing just like that. You will enjoy it!

Bonuses and Jackpots

The game comes with two of the most useful and exciting bonus symbols including of course the wild and the scattered symbols. The wonderful wild of the game is the cute and nice Polar Bear which kindly substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter. As to this one in the game you will have the nice Aurora Borealis which will be there to activate all the amazing multipliers of the game as well as grant you loads of free games. In case you choose to play on all of your reels while betting at your top amounts you will have the chance to hit 100x multipliers. As to your jackpots here you will have 3 great amounts at the same time which have the chance to become all yours randomly as you play your favorite slot game. You will have major, medium and minor amount s to concentrate on so give this one a go and try your luck in hitting the top amounts of the game.