Royal Carribean Slots

Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury and generous payouts. If you are looking for a true classic themed slot game which will be there to treat you nicely as you play and enjoy on you are at the right place. In the Royal Caribbean Slots by WGS you will have all the amazing opportunities, great features and amazing progressive jackpots to enjoy. You will get the chance to enjoy some of the great classic and luxury symbols which are full of opportunities for you. Above all you will have some of the greatest amounts to enjoy as you hit the wonderful winning combinations of the game. Great quality and true royal treatment is offered to you in here and you will surely not want to miss the perfect and generous opportunities of the game. So join in the great fun and start exploring the great opportunities that will be coming to your way as you spin the reels on. Good luck!

Theme and Symbols

The game was created with some of the great solutions and luxury theme in order for you to be able to enjoy a relaxed and fun gaming experience. You will be enjoying top quality solutions in here which are also very interesting to explore. As to your wonderful symbols, here you will be having some amazing samples which of course feature the most expected Jester, Bearded Sultan, Horseman, Hand, and King’s Advisor. This slot is similar to Rodeo Kings Slot and of course the king himself. All the great symbols are there to form wonderful shiny combinations just for you in order for you to have an amazing gaming experience with some true VIP treatment. You will feel part of the nice and classy story where you will be in the center of the amazing opportunities and wins.


The amazing slot of Royal Caribbean comes with the most classic 3 reels and one single pay line of course which is there to treat your classy experience with the top convenience and flexibility. Here you have the most chilled game play out there where you will have no distractions or the need to make any extra adjustments. All you will have to do to enjoy this great experience is to decide on the amount you wish to bet and make yourself comfortable to start your adventure in this slot game. You have so many options of placing your initial bets in here that you will never need to bother about complicated gaming strategies. The aim is simple, the more you bet the more opportunities become available for you so it’s totally up to you if you wish to go for the top payouts of the game and have higher bets or keep it rather slow and quiet with lower bets at the beginning. The great betting option here includes choices from $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00. So you have flexible options here which are always fun to try out.


In case you wish to go for the top jackpots of the game you will of course need to bet at your maximum amount. Meanwhile you should know that the great top payouts of the game are totally worth it as you will be aiming at the great amount of 1600 coins which are worth $120,000. In order to be able to hit this amazing shiny amount you will need to land the great King symbols as you bet your maximum amount of the game. In addition you should always keep in mind that this wonderful classic slot comes with the best progressive jackpot which is just an extra great treat for you as the VIP player of the game. It can be very amusing just how generous this great slot game can be to you as you simply enjoy the wonderful experience. Good luck with the great wins of the game.