Naughty Ninjas Slots

Naughty Ninjas Slots

Would you like to join some of the most powerful and rich ninjas on their nice and fun mission? Then come and join the wonderful experience of Naughty Ninjas slot game which is powered by the great software of WGS. The creators made sure you will become the great and active part of the nice and sweet experience and sweet adventure which is always nice and interesting to explore. You will meet some of the most generous ninjas out there which will have amazing quests for you. Once you manage to get all the great steps done and hit one of the great and crazy payouts of the game you will start receiving some great and generous payouts. Here you will be amazed just how generous your fellow ninjas and their quests can be. The game is all about movement and adventure while it is made with great quality and endless opportunities for the enthusiasts just like you. The game has become very popular among many thousands of players from different parts of the world also due to the wonderful opportunities and amazing bonus games that is features. So you will have a whole package in here. Join in and explore for yourself. Good luck!

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the game features amazing great topic of Japan and loads of ninjas which are out for great adventures which come with interesting and top wins in here. You will have the chance to get in with some of the most passionate characters of the game while enjoying the great Asian features which are present in here. You will have the ninja symbols as well as the game logo symbols which will have some of the best opportunities of the game for you. In addition you will have some great bonus symbols in the names of the great wild and scattered. Look for the nice scattered symbol in here which will be there in the form of Ninja star. This one which is of full of opportunities is something must-land for you. The entire theme of the game is very thought through and you will enjoy the wonderful quality of the game as well. The sound effects perfectly accompany the game while the entire experience is complete and fun. You will def. feel a part of the experience and will enjoy the generous adventure you will be taking. So join the fun and start your very first spin.


The game play of the slot is very easy. Let's start by saying that this is a nice and fun 5 reeled and 25 pay lines gaming experience which has loads of gaming options for you. As you start with your very first spin all you have to do is to choose the amount you wish to place. Here you have many options as you will get to choose to bet just 0.01 to all the way to 10 for each of your spin. In addition you can go on and use all of your available lines in the game while betting at your maximum amount. In this case you will have the great chance to place a maximum bet of 250 which is something very sweet as you will get to enjoy all the top opportunities that feature in here.


The game features the wild and the scattered symbol so you can expect all the wonderful and extra generous payouts in here. There are loads of opportunities in the game which are all waiting for you to explore each and every of them. Along with the simple and nice combinations of the game you will also have amazing extra wins to enjoy. Once you land the wonderful extra win symbols of the game great and even more generous opportunities will start to flow just like that. So there are loads to explore in here. And you better waste no more time in here. Join now.