Rockin Robin Slots

Some of the sweetest memories are brought back to you by the amazing and sweet Rocking Robin Slot game which is powered by the top quality WGS technology. There are all the wonderful emotions and great classic approaches to the game as the wonderful song would bring it to you. Amazing opportunities are waiting for you to get while you are enjoying the wonderful song and 60’s and 70’s related theme. There are also amazing bonuses and extra win opportunities to keep all of your excitement and great motivation in the place. The amazing opportunities will keep coming to you as you play and enjoy on. Amazing symbols are everywhere and each of those is super nice and generous as you get to enjoy them in a winning combinations.

Theme and Symbols

You definitely know the famous song which was released back in the old and classic days in 50’s and 70’ by the legendary Bobby Day. The song got another wave of popularity as it was performed by young amazing Michael Jackson. So you should have great memories with this great slot game as well as the game is all about the wonderful emotions from back in days. You will have amazing opportunities which are brought to you by these amazing symbols. In addition you will have all the amazing characters to keep the wonderful spirit of the game. You will gladly become a part of this old school adventure as you enjoy the amazing and cute theme from the last century. Amazing quality and perfectly matching sound effect will make you feel part of the classic and such a sweet history which will also grant you amazing opportunities and some real chase. Enjoy the gorgeous opportunities!


The game of Rocking Robin is a 5 reeled and 25 pay lines opportunities which is a wonderful way to both enjoy amazing theme and great quality symbols together with great payouts. You will have the chance to decide on how much you wish to bet as well as how many lines you wish to use in your spins as well. You will have the chance to go for the minimum bet which can be starting from just 0.01 to all the way to 10.00. In this way you will have the chance to place your maximum bet of 25 coins which is always a good idea as in this case you will get the chance to be aiming at the top payouts of the game. The more you decide to play the more payouts you will have the chance to receive as you play and land the amazing wining combinations.


The game comes with amazing bonus opportunities as well. In case you will be interested to learn about all the great bonuses prior playing this wonderful slot experience you will be glad to learn that the game also features a nice and sweet wild symbol which will be there to get you even faster wins as it will help you get the winning combinations even easier as it will compensate for any missing symbols in the winning combinations you may be landing. Above all you will have even higher amounts of payouts as you get a win with the sweet wild symbol involved. Then you will also have the amazing scattered symbol in this game. This is one is even sweeter and so much more generous. This great symbol will be there to get you all the amazing bonus games and multipliers. The more your initial bet is the more multipliers and free games you will be aiming to hit. In addition there are so many more opportunities you will be able to look forward to and so many more which swill just come to your hands as you play on. So join in and enjoy!